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Sony TV Point Of Sale Display Stands

Free Standing Display UnitDisplay Developments were asked to produce a large point of sale Free Standing Display Unit for Sony’s new range of televisions.

Fortunately the customer knew exactly what they required providing dimensioned drawings and artwork. Display Developments design team used the drawings to produce 3D CAD data in order for the required tools to be produced.

The display unit itself was produced in two sections. The base had an MDF plinth to provide weight, stability, and strength to hold the TV. This was clad in a white HIPS vacuum formed cover.

The back section utilised DD’s ability for large format Vacuum Forming. A large curved panel formed in a single section to avoid unwanted visible join lines measuring 1610 x 1320mm, finished in a Gloss White HIPS. The back panel of the point of sale stand was finished off with a decorative silver screen printed pattern and logo.

DD’s 45,000 square foot factory meant that the large volume production and distribution of the point of sale stands posed no problem at all and the project ran smoothly from start to finish.

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