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Arrowmight Chicken Hutches

Black Polypropylene Chicken  HutchWe were recently approached by an existing customer, Arrowmight Limited, that we have supplied previously with plastic trays. They were looking for a new design of hutch to house chickens and also catch their eggs for their UK-based clients.

The customer submitted a specific design - it was originally designed as a hand fabricated unit made up in sections but our production department recommended making it as one piece by vacuum forming it to make it cost effective.

The material used was 6mm thick Smooth Black Polypropylene as the unit needed to have good chemical resistance and also be capable of being washed and sterilized in an autoclave so it was crucial that the material could withstand high temperatures without melting or distorting.

We made a prototype which was then approved within 24 hours and an order was then placed for 260 units.

The customer, Arrowmight Limited, was very happy with the overall look and the product matched their expectations perfectly.


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