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Leading the Field of Rigid Thermoplastics

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We Have The Manufacturing Capability Whatever You Need

We take pride in being one of the UK’s market leaders in plastic fabrication and thermoplastic vacuum forming, and a key aspect of maintaining that status is a constant inward investment into the best technology.

Our bespoke plastic products can be as varied as simple point of sale leaflet dispensers through to fully product designed medical equipment components and polycarbonate machine guards. We can only provide that level of adaptability by maintaining a diverse range of equipment that reliably delivers capability and capacity at the highest quality standards.

We operate from a 45,000 square foot purpose built factory on the outskirts of London in Kent, some of our stand out equipment capabilities include;

CNC Machining and Trimming

Two fully CAD automated 3000mm x 1500mm multi tool changing CNC routers, cutting to 6 metre sheets, expertise in jig design allowing exceptional two and three dimensional forming of custom plastic fabrications.

Vacuum and Pressure Forming

Vacuum forming up to 2.5m x 1.83m and 3.1m x 1.63m, high definition pressure assisted forming, blow and drape moulding and comprehensive tool making facilities all carried out in-house by our expert vacuum formers.

Fabrication and Assembly

Our own ongoing research into cements, adhesives and applications ensures exceptional UV curing, hot air welding, bonding and cementing of plastics, metals and woods, we can also design and manufacture in flat pack form with mechanical, no-adhesives, fixings.

Decoration and Finishing

Digital and silk screen printing, vinyls, engraving, laser etching, buff and flame polishing as well as diamond edge and machine polishing to high gloss or matt finish on equipment our team helped to design.

You can find a full specification of our plastic fabrication equipment and plastic materials we work with by following the links. A core part of our product development and design process is to ensure that every client is aware of every option open to them, and often has access to a unique combination of equipment capability and expertise in its bespoke application to all kinds of custom plastic fabricated products and product design.

Based just outside London in Kent we develop, form, assemble and deliver the highest quality plastic fabrications to clients throughout Kent, the UK and Europe working to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, to learn more contact us today and speak to our expert team.


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