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Leading the Field of Rigid Thermoplastics

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Plastic Fabrication and Comprehensive Assembly for that Stunning Finish

With a range of bonding and adhesive options, including beautifully clean UV curing, our quality standards and range of capability is as exceptional at the assembly stage as every other.

Even the most impeccable CNC machining or vacuum forming can be ruined by poor plastic fabrication, gluing and assembly. Our team work hard on developing ever improved ways of cementing and bonding plastics to each other, and to other materials such as wood and aluminium. This ongoing research ensures we consistently lead the market in intelligent application of cements, adhesives and hot air welding.

Specialising in comprehensive plastic fabrication and assembly, we work for clients across Kent, London, the UK and Europe, so call our expert team today on 0808 1682372 for a fast and free quotation.

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An all-encompassing plastic fabrication and assembly service

Bringing together components and aspects of our product development, CNC machining and cutting, and vacuum and pressure forming stages, our plastic fabrication and assembly services and expertise includes;

  • Overspill and bubble-free UV bonding and curing
  • Application of Tappex adhesive-free mechanical fixings
  • Hot air welding
  • Unique applications of glues, cements and adhesives
  • Assembly of plastic, wood and metal components
  • Incorporation of plinths, bases, wheels, castors, locks and hinges

Some of our standout options and services include the near-invisible UV curing process which delivers the ultimate in clean, bubble and overspill-free joints between plastic products and components. Another popular application of technology are utilising Tappex mechanical fixings on a product so that it can be flat packed for more cost efficient and secure transportation, then assembled at the point of delivery without any need for adhesives or glues.

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Whilst our core focus is always on plastic fabrications, many products require additional elements in other materials such as wooden bases and plinths, or metal components whether for a particular aesthetic or features such as wheels, castors, locks, hinges and runners. Our assembly process is one-stop in nature with the complete fabrication of all components taking place at our facilities on the edge of London in Kent.

Learn more about our one-stop plastic fabrication services; contact us today and tell us about your requirements.


For a fast FREE, no obligation quotation call us on:

0808 1682372